A Simple Guide to Vacuum Tube Amplifier Design

“Design of an Integrated Push-Pull Tube Amplifier Made Easy”

by Giuseppe Amato.

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This guide discusses all relevant aspects for designing an integrated push-pull vacuum tube amplifier, including the power supply unit. Beside that, EL34, EL84, and 12AX7 vacuum tubes are used in many practical examples, to design the various parts of the circuits and to compute the values of the needed components.

Furthermore, it also contains a step by step design of an integrated push-pull vacuum tube amplifier, using EL84 power tubes, leveraging on all the notions introduced.

Structure of the book:

First, after an introduction to the guide, the basic principles to understand vacuum tubes are discussed. This is needed mainly by the non-initiated. If you already know what vacuum tubes are and how they operate, you can skip this part.

Then, the guide discusses how vacuum tubes can be used as amplifiers. Here, you will learn the concepts of operating conditions, loadline, biasing techniques, and amplifier classes.

The guide continues discussing how to design an integrated push-pull vacuum tube amplifier. It will start from the single-ended configuration then it will introduce the push-pull configuration. The various needed stages (power, phase-split, and input stages), and global negative feedback are discussed in details.

A significant part is also dedicated to the power supply unit design for a vacuum tube amplifier. It introduces the rectifier configurations and filters to reduce voltage ripple, and to have a quiet amplifier. It explains how to estimate the expected output DC voltage, ripple, and the current delivered. It also discusses how to design the power supplies for the fixed bias circuit and for the filaments of the vacuum tubes.

Finally, the guide goes through a step by step design of an integrated push-pull amplifier with EL84 vacuum tubes in ultralinear configuration. Input and concertina stages, based on 12AX7 tubes, are directly coupled. The guide discusses the design of the power stage, the phase-split, and the input stage. It discusses the design of the global negative feedback loop. It also provides the design of the corresponding power supply unit.

Summary of content:

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Design of an Integrated Push-Pull Tube Amplifier Made Easy

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