Tube Amplifier Projects

Here is a collection of Tube Amplifier I designed and built.

Il Primo: This is the first vacuum tube amplifier I built. I started learning about the art of vacuum tube amplifier design and build in 2014. After a long process of trial and error I built “Il Primo”, which in English means “The First”. It uses EL34/6CA7 power tubes and 12AX7 as input and phase split.

Il Primo (12AX7+EL34/6CA7)

Il Primo Bis: The empirical approach used in “Il Primo” was replaced by a more rigorous approach in “Il Primo Bis”. Here, I tried to use a more formal and rigorous process to the design and value settings of the various parts of the amplifier. Especially, the Power Supply Unit was significantly revised, and component values were chosen with more confidence and appropriateness. This more rigorous approach is the one described in my book.

Il Primo Bis (12AX7+EL34/6CA7)

Il Terzo, which in English means “The Third”, came after the “Il Primo” and “Il Primo Bis”. It uses EL84 power tubes and 12AX7 vacuum tubes as input and phase split. Also here, I designed it using the approach described in my book. More specifically, its design is precisely discussed and described in Step by step design of a push-pull tube amplifier

Il Terzo (12AX7+EL84)

18th Niccolò Anniversary: Some time ago my son turned 18. He came to me and asked for a stereo as a birthday present. I said, that I would buy one for him. He replied that I did not understand. What he wanted was a stereo “built by me”. The only additional requirement was that he should have been able to connect his mobile phone to it, using Bluetooth. This is how the ” 18th Niccolò Anniversary ” originated. I basically used the design of “Il Terzo”, with some modifications, due to the use of a different power transformer, and the addition of a Bluetooth module.

18th Niccolò Anniversary (12AX7+EL84)

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