Loadline calculator for power stages with reactive load

This calculator allows you to compute and tune loadline and operating point of tube amplifiers’ power stages.

Select a Tube:
Operating mode:
B+ (V): Grid Bias Voltage (V):
Quiescent Operating point: Iq(mA):
Max Output Power (W):
Load (Ohm):
Screen Voltage (V): Cathode resistor (Ohm):
UltraLinear tap (%):

You can:

  • choose among most common power vacuum tubes (I am slowly adding more),
  • set the operation modality, among ultralinear, pentode, and triode mode,
  • set Single-Ended or Push-Pull configuration
  • set the B+ voltage, the screen voltage, the screen tap, the quiescent bias current.

The calculator:

  • plots the anode characteristic graph, for the chosen operation modality,
  • plots the loadline,
  • highlights the operating point,
  • estimates the grid bias voltage,
  • estimates the maximum expected output power,
  • estimates the needed cathode resistor, if you want to use self-bias

The underlying model and equations, for tracing tube characteristics curves, are those discussed by Norman Koren, in his web site.

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